Week 26: Marathon Training

In 4 weeks the Las Vegas Strip will be closed off for the Rock n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon and I will be running 26.2 miles down it!

I have no doubt that it’s going to be a BLAST, it’s going to be TOUGH, and it’s going to be WORTH IT! I’m doing this!

What would you do if you lived in a world where you knew you could never fail? Live that way!

[ week 26 / 4 weeks until 26.2 ]

Sunday – Long run, 16 miles, 2:36:26, 9:46 min/mile.

Longest long run ever in the books! 16 miles! I was nervous for this one – 16 miles is far! But I did it AND I survived! I more than survived! I felt great about this run. The weather was PERFECT and I just focused on a slow, steady pace. The last two miles were tough – my hips and legs were stiff, but I felt great afterwards!

Monday – Rest day (no run), strength training.

I felt fine after yesterday’s long run so I went ahead and did some strength training in the gym. Nothing too intense. I was also off work today…

Tuesday – Easy 3 miles, 27:13, 9:04 min/mile + Cycling.

Did some easy miles at lunch. It was sunny but really nice out. Not too hot or humid like it has been. My legs felt great! I’m really loving the new New Balance Zante V2’s. I’ve never run in New Balance before but I’m very impressed.

In fact my legs felt so great, I felt so great, that I also did a spin class after work. It was great. I want to continue to add this in until race day. I think cross training is so useful and important. It feels good to get my legs going in a different motion than running, as well as to work on my endurance in a different way. Plus it’s fun! That’s important!

Wednesday – 5 easy miles, 46:00, 8:56 min/mile.

It was sunny again (90’s) but still a nice day and a nice run. Really could’ve gone for another spin class today but it just didn’t work out. Best not to push it or overdo it but I find those classes so helpful for my running!

Thursday – 7 mile interval run, 1:02:33, 8:56 min/mile.

2 miles easy, 20:00 @ 8:30, 3 x (3:00 @ 8:10, 2:00 @ easy pace), 1 mile easy. It was nice and cool outside! And it was actually an eventful evening – I found a stray dog. I wasn’t sure what to do – I could tell he was scared, and he was just darting around. An owner wasn’t around. I wasn’t sure if he would bite or if he was nice (I have been attacked by dogs before) but I had a feeling he needed help. I squatted down and the sweet baby just darted at me, tail wagging, as if to say thank you! thank you! save me! I didn’t have a leash or anything so I ran home (literally) and got one of Derby’s leashes. I came back and he was still there. I took him home and put him in the back yard in hopes to find an owner. Anything was better than the streets where he could’ve gotten ran over. By this time my 2 easy miles were about completed and I continued on my run.

Friday – 4 easy miles, (last 10 min hard), 34:45, 8:40 min/mile.

Easy pace, stepped it up the last 10 min for a hard pace. Hamstrings s little tight today and was tired tonight but had a good run and was ready for a rest day!

Saturday – Rest day!

Miles for the week -35.2
Thank YOU for all your support and special thanks as always to my amazing coach, Andrew Simmons with Lifelong Endurance! Despite some beliefs, coaches are for everyone (beginners to elites!) and having a coach is really my #1 recommendation for anyone wanting to improve their running. Everyone is different, on different levels, and has different goals. There’s tons of information out there on the interwebs with generic training plans, but nothing compares to personalized coaching. Feel free to contact him with questions!

Did you race/train this weekend? How did it go?

What’s a must-have/do for winter/cold weather running? For keeping warm/motivated?

22 thoughts on “Week 26: Marathon Training

  1. Wow 16 miles—great job! And your timing is awesome. I just did my first half marathon two weeks ago and that was tough; I also run like a turtle haha. I’d like to work toward a marathon next, but I think it’ll take me a while to get there. Good luck!

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    1. Congrats on the half marathon!! That’s an amazing accomplishment! Even if it takes you a while, you can definitely do whatever you set your mind to. Thank you so much!


    1. I’m actually not quite sure, I did 18 yesterday and coach is taking it a week at a time so I don’t have my entire run schedule up until the day of yet. Just taking it as it comes! I would suspect I’d do a few more long runs (maybe up to 20 miles). Thanks so much for the encouragement!


    1. I just answered this for someone else too, and you’ll see why I didn’t want to add it in… I am pretty upset about it still… he escaped my back yard. I couldn’t believe it. I searched everywhere for him… I still look for him on my runs and while I’m driving. Derby (my dog) and the pup even hit it off and became BFFs. I would’ve kept the little guy if no one claimed him…. He was a sweetie. I guess I did what I could and I’m sure someone else really nice took him in or he got back to his loving home. Sorry it’s not better news. I wish it was!

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  2. Great 16 miles! It’s such a cool feeling to go where you’ve never gone before… the first marathon is just awesome.
    Cute puppy… did you find an owner? Will you keep it if you can’t find one?

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    1. Thank you so much! And as for the pup, unfortunately he escaped my yard. I don’t know how. I have been looking everywhere for him and hope he made it home or in the hands of a nice person. Yes I would’ve kept the little guy if no one claimed him. I was actually kind of hoping that’d happen. He was such a sweet baby. I guess I did what I could… keep thinking about him. Thanks for checking, sorry it’s not better news!

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  3. Hey Jenna,
    Hope you are well!

    Sounds like training is going well, and you will be tapering in a couple of weeks, which is a tough time, you will see what I mean after a week, lol.😉

    Great looking pumpkin!!!😃

    Hope you managed to find the dog’s owner and integration with Derby went as smooth as possible.

    Have a wonderful week!

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    1. Thank you! I hear such bad things about this tapering… can it be that bad? lol. Anyway, as for the dog… I am pretty upset about it still… he escaped my back yard. I couldn’t believe it. I searched everywhere for him… I still look for him on my runs and while I’m driving. Derby and mystery puppy even hit it off and played like crazy. I would’ve kept the little guy if no one claimed him…. in fact I was secretly hoping that might happen. He was a sweetie. I guess I did what I could and I’m sure someone else really nice took him in or he got back to his loving home. On a happy note, I am very excited for marathon and thank you for the support!! 🙂

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      1. Hey Jenna,
        I know this may sound a little cliché and silly, but I have to believe that everything happens in life, happens for a reason.

        As much joy as the dog brought you, it could bring to someone with more need. Someone who is the one he is destined to be with, as they are the perfect match, for reasons we could barely understand in a lifetime. Maybe you were just the transition that he needed, and for you the dog you needed to rekindle your faith, trust, in dogs that are not Derby. Also, the bravery to not only care for an unknown dog, but to have to let go too, and possibly more profound lessons which only you can understand. 😊

        Sure this is reality and he was probably just being the dog that he is managed to escape to continue exploring. And maybe something might happen to him could be good, could be bad. Sure you could have this, or some other point of view, but I have found that all experiences in life are some mix of both!😃

        But at least you can know one thing for sure, which is yours forever; that you gave each other, no matter how short-lived, something special, gifts that are unique to both of you, and cannot ever be re-created! And despite the heartbreak that accompanies loss, at least you can never loose that special gift. And of course the playtime Derby had too!!!😃

        Treasure it! It is worth rejoicing in, each day is a new adventure, and you never know what life you have the opportunity to positively impact next, what life might come to you, as YOU are the perfect match for each other!

        Thank you for sharing this experience with me.

        Have a wonderful day!

        P.S.: Tapering is like anything, it is a different experience for all of us. But as with everything it is a time to learn something new about ourselves. As it is kind like taking yourself out of the comfort of training; kind of like you learn how much you love training in tapering!

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      2. Wow, thank you. This just about made me cry. You are so right in every way. You really have a way with words. This was truly just what I needed to hear and understand. I’ve been upset about it all week, wishing he’d just appear in the back yard every time I go to let Derby outside. But we had our time together, for many reasons as you mentioned. Thank you. Really, this meant a lot. 🙂 And no doubt you will hear how my tapering goes! Thanks again. 🙂

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  4. Hey Ms Texas
    Nice job on the 18. All normal feelings you pointed out on Instagram. I almost dropped out of a marathon at the 5 mile mark feeling totally beaten down. I was physically and mentally shot. However,I assessed the situation and realized it was mental and regrouped to run a 3:04.Not a great time by my standards. However, this is the race that I count as one of my best. You’re running distances that are new to you and will be fine by race day. Your ready right now if you had to go. Sorry about the Dog, he was an escape artist and did what he does. Enjoy the ride my friend because the parade does not stay in town forever. I ran my first marathon at the start of my Senior year in college and now 16 years later it is over. Quite a bit of living during that time:(.

    Joey R

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    1. Thank you Joey! That’s an amazing time by my standards! That’s all it is, mental. I’m excited and ready for the challenge. No reason for the sad face after saying time has passed! You should feel proud and happy to have those experiences! Thanks for all your support and hope all is well! 🙂


  5. Thanks Ms Texas, this kindness is well scaring me a bit LOL. Sad / happy at the same time. All is really well. Working, running and studying for my exam. Thank you for all your support as well. I know your ready – You remind me of myself prior to my first marathon. I feel proud that I have used up everything in my marathons. Good or bad,I never finished with anything left in the tank.

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