Ready, Set, GO! Half Marathon Training!

Guys! I am up at 7:00am on my REST DAY because I am SO excited to share this news!

I am thrilled to announce that training starts MONDAY! Yes, this Monday! Tomorrow! AND! Best part…

I have a COACH! I get to work with an awesome group called Lifelong Endurance. Amazing coaches! I know I’m in good hands. Now I just need to put in the work!

I’m sure you know that feeling of setting a plan. THE best feeling. It feels great to have a plan AND to have someone knowledgeable guiding my on my way to my goal.

Speaking of – what is my goal?

I have 3 half marathons coming up this year – September 24th, October 8th, and December 10th.

I want to run a Half Marathon in the 1:30’s. It’s a lofty goal (for me), but it’s something scary enough to get me motivated and something to work towards. I can manage a 1:50:00 without training, so I believe I can do this. Believing is the first step, after all!

What really matters to me, though, is progress, bettering myself, and becoming an overall stronger runner through the process.

So, let’s do this! I will keep a journal of my training runs and workouts and update – right here on the blog – weekly. So keep up with my journey and train with me!

Also, if you’ve ever wondered or thought about working with a running coach – they aren’t just for elite athletes or rich people. It’s important that everyone has a plan based on their personal goals! Feel free to reach out to a coaching company I know and trust – Lifelong Endurance.

Ready, set, go!

After this rest day! 😉 Happy Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Ready, Set, GO! Half Marathon Training!

  1. YAY!!! Good luck to you. I started working with a coach this year as well 😊 Although I am sidelined right now with an injury, I had to give up my plans for Chicago Marathon….I follow you on Insta (@runnin_on_fumes) and I recently decided to start a blog( so I’m going to follow your journey here as well!! Love your pics!!! I worked with my coach and got my half PR this year. Speed work is so crazy!! I love and hate it…. but I’ve definitely improved as a runner! Now if I can sort out this old body and get it back in training.

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    1. That is so awesome!! I will definitely follow your journey as well!! I hope you’re not sidelong very long. What injury are you dealing with? Sorry to hear. I hope to enter the lottery for Chicago next year! Can’t wait to report back with how training is going and look forward to hearing about yours as well!


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