The perfect run bun!

This one is for the ladies (and gents!) with long hair! This is how I usually wear my hair during runs and it always stays… AND isn’t a nightmare to detangle afterwards! Win win!

FYI – this works best with fresh/tight elastics. Wrap it around the pony and bun as tight as possible – and the KEY is when wrapping the elastic around the bun, wrap it in the middle (not right at the base, or it’ll fall!). Hope this helps!

How do you wear your long hair during runs/workouts?




9 thoughts on “The perfect run bun!

  1. I may try this for a shorter run to see how it goes. My hair is so thick that normally buns don’t work. I normally cut my hair short(ish) so when I put it up in a pony, the hair doesn’t graze my neck. When its that long, and I’m doing my runs that are 5+ miles, it just feels gross when I’m done.

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  2. I hate having my hair touch me when I run. Sometimes I can handle a braid but I will usually try some kind of bun thing. Your bun looks way simpler than what I would have done. When I get back to running, I will have to try this.

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    1. I agree with the hair touching when I run – I don’t mind it when it’s cold but when it’s hot out – bun it is! I hope it works for you! It’s super simple, easy, quick – therefore also easy to undo once the run is done πŸ™‚ sweaty braids can be hard to undo!

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    1. This one I believe is under armour – I got it a long time ago! I always keep my eye out for them at TJ maxx πŸ™‚ and I LOVE cute short-hair pony tails!!! Always makes me want to cut my hair!


      1. Ooh ok, thanks, I’ll take a look at TJmaxx, good idea! I, agree, short ponys are cute, but its such an awkward length when its down that all I end up doing with it is putting it in a pony daily, it’s getting a little old lol

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