Review: Brooks Levitate

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Brooks Levitate. I’m sure you’ve heard of them. They have caused quite a stir for anyone who uses running shoes. They are a brand new shoe from the brand that’s sole focus is running, after all. So. What’s so great about them? What makes them stand out from the seemingly overwhelming amount of shoes claiming to be “the best of the best” running shoes?

From the website, the Brooks Levitate is described as:


The most energy return of leading performance running shoes, for runners looking for a springy, responsive ride.

Energized Cushioning

With the most energy return of leading performance running shoes, Levitate’s DNA AMP midsole technology gives energy nowhere to go but up, straight back to you.

Quick Transitions

A flexible, arrow-point pattern on the outsole helps you move from heel to toe quickly, without losing energy.

Intuitive Fit

The 3D Fit Print and FitKnit upper comfortably accommodates your foot as it moves and expands.


The reviews from the website: (I refrained from reading any reviews prior to testing the shoes)brooks2

So, how are they?!

I was honestly skeptical of these shoes. What is brooks going for here? Something to “Levitate” you off the ground yet weighs in at 9.7 oz? Are these a long run shoe? Speedwork shoe? I just can’t place them in a category.


After a solid month or more of running in these, I can honestly say I understand why they don’t fit one of my categories. These are a DO-IT-ALL shoe. Seriously. After my first run in them I realized they fit perfectly (in my usual running shoe size) and just felt natural.


With every single run in them I love them more and more. I’ve never had a shoe get better over time but really, I quickly went from a few runs per week in them to ALL my runs. I grab them for long runs, speedwork, and everything in between,

For me to do my long runs in these shoes says A LOT. I have been terrified of doing long runs in anything other than “what works” and had been using the same shoes for TOO LONG. Well, (this is a bigger deal to me than you but…) THEY ARE GONE. Goodbye, old shoes!


I had zero doubts running my first long run in these. They just feel like they truly are custom made for my foot. I can not think of one thing I would change. Maybe make them lighter, but even then – and I don’t understand HOW – they somehow don’t FEEL as heavy as they are. Which is all that really matters, right?

To describe the feel:

  • Comfortably soft
  • Foot feels protected (I don’t feel like I’m running on the ground)
  • Cushioned yet not mushy
  • Responsive but not hard
  • Helps propel you forward without feeling like a “rocking horse”
  • Flat/natural form yet supportive (neutral shoe – so no stability/intense arch support)

So, quite literally everything that I admire in a shoe. All in ONE.

Bottom line, I have never loved another shoe more than this. It’s the only shoe I reach for! This shoe is perfect for anyone that wants a do-it-all shoe. Long runs. Race day. Speed work, Easy runs. Seriously.

I already have a back-up pair and am stalking the Brooks website to catch another on sale when the Levitate 2 comes out (which I will also be ordering!)


Go here to check out a video of the Brook’s Levitate in action:

Find Brook’s Levitate here:, retail: $150 (now on sale for $129.99)

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